VaultLOCKS® 5010 Wall Mount Numeric Lock Box 5010 - Black

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Finish: Black
The VaultLOCKS® 5010 Wall Mount Lockbox has a large compartment for storing more keys and key cards
This wall mount lock box mounts easily on an exterior wall or door jamb to store “emergency” keys or key cards you’ll need when you lose your house key. Since it’s a 4-digit wall mounted lockbox, you’ll get more combination code choices than with a 3-digit wall lockbox. A Wall mounted lockbox has a numeric combination preset to 0-0-0-0, but you can set your own combination code, and change it, at any time. Mounts permanently to any flat surface, and includes hardware. To open, just input the 4-digit combination, and pull down the wall lockbox. A Wall mounted lockbox unit has a rubber bumper that protects wall surfaces.

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